We almost always do a project at our monthly club meetings. This is our “on-line library” of downloadable instruction sheets for some of those projects. We offer them for your enjoyment, but ask that you credit the Eugene Miniatures Club if you publish or sell your result.

Eggshell Mosaic

Eggshell mosaic is fun and easy to do.

Clothespin Dolls

We made dolls. Diane made the instructions for making clothespin dolls and Karin taught us how to add the hair. Many of the techniques can also be used to dress other dollhouse dolls.

Hinge-Top Chest

To practice building skills, we made a simple chest. It could be hand cut with all straight cuts out of 1/16″ bass wood or 4-ply mat board. The chest can be embellished to suit the decor.

Tools and Techniques

Precision measuring, cutting and gluing are critical to a nicely finished miniature piece. Here is a tutorial full of tips and techniques. 

Marble Table Top

Diane put together a technique to simulate a marble table top. Click Download for complete instructions. The top can be added to many different projects like these tables, a dresser or kitchen countertop.

Potting Bench

We developed the potting bench as a beginner project for those interested in working with wood. The wood can be purchased at most craft shops or ordered on line. It is recommended that you have a miter saw, which is a good basic in any tool kit. This is only one of several that are available.

Braided Rugs

This project has been around for decades. We decided to revisit it and offer what we learned. We started with a tutorial by Natalia Frank. One of our members suggested using these bobbins. We also experimented with different tapes. The Scotch brand two-sided tape that Natalia uses is the most reliable. You can also use cardboard in place of glass.

Egg Carton Masonry

There are many ways to use egg cartons for masonry. We have used the technique for several club projects and are offering it here for reference.

The Bookshelf Project

The club was interested in building a scene in a book or set of books. The “shell” would be one large book, several books, a craft store book box, and 1:12 or 1:24 scale.