Tools and Resources

Tools for Your Toolbox

It doesn’t take much to make miniatures. Just a few measuring, cutting, smoothing and gluing supplies, along  with other craft supplies found around the house will get you started. First timers will want to bring the items in the list at the right (below on hand held devices). Don’t worry if you don’t have everything, our members love to share.

Once infected with the miniature hobby bug, miniaturists search for more sophisticated and capable tools.

Resources for Success

Color Theory

One of our members, Diane Scott, created a tutorial chock full of information specifically designed to help you chose colors for your next project. If you learned about color wheels in art class or summer camp, this will be a helpful refresher for you, but you’ll learn something new, too. If color theory is new to you, she believes you will find it makes your minis even better, and lets you approach color choices with more confidence.

Color theory can also be used for visual challenges that have nothing to do with miniatures.  Whether you are trying to decide on yarn colors for your next knitting project or what color to paint your dollhouse kitchen, this tutorial will give you lots of ideas and color combinations you may never have considered. And there will be helpful tips on mixing custom colors, which can be a real challenge!

The tutorial is available for download. Please credit Diane of the Eugene Miniatures Club if you use any of her information publicly.

Our Favorite Suppliers

  1. Hobby Shops – Eugene Toy and Hobby
  2. Tools – MicroMark
  3. Specialty Supplier – Smaller than Life

We have discovered great places for other resources:

  1. Kits – True2scale, Robin Betterley
  2. Electrical – Evans Design, CR2S and LED-n-Minis
  3. Wood – Northeastern Scale Lumber, Midwest Products
  4. Landscaping – Scenic Express and Woodland Scenics  
  5. Miniatures Superstore –  
  6. Artisans – Simply Lampwork
  7. Looking for something else? Contact us.