The Bookshelf Project

The club was interested in building a scene in a book or set of books. The “shell” would be one large book, several books or a craft store book box. Members chose either 1:12 or 1:24 scale.

Club members went looking for books at home and in charity shops. So far we have themes like “The Complete Works of Louis Carroll,” “Sherlock Holmes,” “The Brautigan Library, Home of Unpublished Manuscripts,” a quilt shop, and a she-shed for romance novels.

To get started, the project was broken down into several small projects focusing on techniques. One meeting was about fireplaces. We received templates for 1:12 scale fireplaces of several widths and followed a technique developed by Nature’s Soul Miniatures. They were made of foam core and could be embellished in any style using wood, paper clay or other material.

Another technique involved upholstered furniture starting with an ottoman using a tutorial by 1-Inch Minis by Kris.

For those who wanted to, we presented an option to make a wing chair using Kris’ techniques and a pattern made by Sherrill.

The members are continuing to build the bookshelf scenes at home. We will post progress photos when they become available. Please check back.